Creating an exciting and engaging retail experience for the White Tower – the oldest building within the Tower of London. 

The White Tower, Historic Royal Palaces


The new concept was inspired by the aesthetic of the White Tower itself and brings its original architecture to life, enhancing the innate theatre and character of the building.


The material palette is raw and honest, drawing inspiration from the original materials of the building and its collection of weaponry and armour. It features dark oak, brushed brass, punched metal, blackened steel and metal mesh.


Given the Tower’s Grade I listed status, the fabric of the building had to remain untouched and nothing could be attached to the walls or ceiling. Therefore we commissioned bespoke, freestanding display units. They allow for maximum visual merchandising flexibility while cleverly providing the framework and structural support for the key design feature: three huge, bespoke pendant lights that illuminate the central walkway. They rise up in arches, mirroring and accentuating the vaulted ceiling. 

As 7,000 visitors pass through the White Tower on an average peak day it was essential to improve customer circulation. We did this by replacing existing mid-floor units with new grab-and-go displays, set back slightly into the alcoves to increase space and draw visitors in. Both cash desks were relocated closer to the exit to minimise any disruption caused by queuing. 

The result is a dramatic, warm and practical space with a robust and authoritative aesthetic – one that’s authentic and appropriate to the historic location.