New concept for Tawa Bakery to express what the brand is about – honesty, authenticity and passion for quality food, with a contemporary edge.

Tawa Bakery    

Tawa Bakery is the only 100% gluten-free bakery in Abu Dhabi, founded on the belief that eating gluten-free should never mean sacrificing taste or quality. The name Tawa means ‘flat frying pan’ in Arabic – a name chosen to reflect the founder’s Emirati roots and love of cooking.

Tawa asked us to design the concept for their first café. The aim was to create a sociable and relaxed space that expresses the brand’s personality, demonstrating its values and passion for wholesome, delicious food. 

The interior design features a contemporary Scandinavian aesthetic, complemented by a statement tiled floor that adds an Arabic feel and visual interest. To create more of a sense of space we made the whole environment lighter, bringing in a palette of white painted brick walls, oak timber fixturing and brass detailing.

Evenly spaced pendant lights create a warm atmosphere throughout.  New display areas create visual merchandising opportunities, displaying freshly baked goods and ingredients that customers can take home with them.     

‘Abu Dhabi’s hidden gem’    


We assessed the layout and increased the number of covers by bringing in a variety of built-in and flexible seating. Humorous messaging reminds customers that gluten is forbidden, communicating Tawa Bakery’s light-hearted and relaxed brand personality.