Branding, visual identity, graphic design, packaging and interiors for a great-tasting food brand– one that also happens to be healthy and 100% gluten free.

Skinny Genie


We developed wholesale food business Skinny Genie into an innovative B2C brand, targeting health-conscious millennial customers with great-tasting, gluten-free products and inspired food service.

The branding was based on the understanding Millennials and Gen Z customers in particular buy into ethical brands that demonstrate integrity and honesty – brands that give something back to society and the planet. The simple, honest approach to design communicates authenticity and highlights the purity of ingredients in Skinny Genie products, appealing to a young target audience that cares about health and wellbeing.


We helped Skinny Genie to stand for something credible in the eyes of the customer, grounded in taste, health and wellness. We collaborated with the brand on its full offer, kicking off with a strategic workshop to define its USP, vision, mission and values.

We then translated this into a new, unified brand identity that encompasses and aligns graphics, packaging, digital and interiors. 


87% of millennials globally believe that a business' success is measured by more than just its bottom line

– Deloitte Millennials Survey, 2016



In line with Skinny Genie’s brand values, every aspect of the visual identity is down-to-earth, energetic, happy and friendly, sporty and accessible – with a quirky edge.

Monolinear iconography features fun and simple icons to describe the products visually, from ‘gluten free’ to ‘low sugar’ and ‘cold-pressed’. Sustainable, tactile materials are used for ticketing and labelling to enhance the wholesome feel.

The interior concept is earthy, bohemian, homely and inviting. Warm pops of coral, Skinny Genie’s new brand colour, attract the eye and create focal points in-store. Domestic features such as planters and patterned tiled flooring create a comfortable and relaxed vibe


We’re excited to say the first Skinny Genie café has opened in Abu Dhabi. Appropriately for the brand, the café is in the new Masdar City development by Foster + Partners, which is powered by renewable energy sources. We are now working on a kiosk format to introduce Skinny Genie to more customers across the region.