Heidi Klein

New store concept for Heidi Klein – the luxury swimwear brand and holidaywear retailer.

We created a new store concept for Heidi Klein – the luxury swimwear brand and holidaywear retailer – to serve as a launchpad for the business’s next phase of international expansion.

Our new concept is now trialing at their flagship store, in Chelsea. The evolutionary design is based on a more refined, internationally-applicable glamour, with inspiration from the domestic interiors vernacular of a ‘Hamptons House’.

The store layout is therefore inspired by domestic zones: living room, bedroom, veranda and so on, which creates a more lifestyle-oriented environment and encompasses the growing breadth of the offer, including après-beachwear, menswear, childrenswear and a thriving accessories range.

The new, overall environment at the Chelsea store is very clean, with the product very much the star. The store needed to transport customers instantly into an oasis of calm, which it does via a space that is light and warm - and smells beautiful too. The walls, flooring and ceiling are all in white, with an accent colour of soft gold taken from the branding, plus sparing use of green palms to add freshness and vibrancy.

The strong new merchandising system contains elements that can be easily applied to smaller, concession opportunities, whilst merchandising densities reflect the premium positioning and are light in colour, underlining the transparent and bright holiday feel.