retail design The Fold - KKD

The Fold

The brand's first ever flagship turns the traditional idea of a ‘store’ on its head with a stylish and multifunctional concept. 

retail design The Fold - KKD
retail display The Fold - KKD
brass design detail The Fold - KKD

British brand The Fold, regularly cited as the go-to designer for professional women, asked us to design their first ever standalone store at 28 Cadogan Place, London. Initially sold online only, The Fold has experienced a high level of growth since its launch in 2012 and the flagship marked a key milestone for the brand.

We worked closely with The Fold to create a retail concept that reflects its core values and showcases its full womenswear collection. As retail design is no longer about creating something static, the concept we designed is much more than just a shop. Inspired by the idea of a members’ club, it acts as a true home for the brand and a community hub for its customers. 

Housed in a beautiful Grade II listed property, the flagship spans two floors and covers 1,400 square feet.

The focus is on high service delivered in an inspirational, contemporary setting. The flexible space transitions from a relaxed shopping experience by day into an events venue by night, hosting The Fold’s regular calendar of talks and networking events. 

contemporary retail design The Fold - KKD

The flagship does what clothes do – it takes the customer from 9am to 9pm.

terrazzo artwork The Fold - KKD
luxury fitting room The Fold - KKD

The design approach was based upon the interplay of three core elements, grounded by the concept of a members’ club:

Expressing ‘The Fold’ in the truest sense of the word.
The flagship embodies the spirit of the clothes, with sharp and contemporary lines, and a strong sense of individuality and personality. Folded sculptural forms, such as the bespoke brass pendant lights designed by our team, act as a key brand signature and handwriting.  

Championing British, female designers and artists. 
Our all female project team sourced bespoke materials and art from female British designers alongside iconic design pieces. The bar is made from a unique crafted composite material by British material designer and artist Stephanie Tudor. Meanwhile, our team designed bespoke lighting and furniture such as the black, geometric payment table which replaces the standard cash desk.

Beautifully tailored materials. 
The interiors palette is graphic and quite masculine. A monochromatic base references The Fold’s work wear roots, juxtaposed with an eclectic and slightly unexpected tactile mix of materials that reflects the brand’s attention to detail, quality and tailoring. Brass highlights add a glamorous touch evocative of clothing details such as zips and fastenings.

The result is a hard-working, multifaceted concept that can be articulated differently to suit diverse locations and markets as the brand evolves and grows.

flexible retail design The Fold - KKD
womenswear retail The Fold - KKD
modern flexible retail design The Fold - KKD

Polly McMaster, Founder and CEO of The Fold“We wanted a design partner who would be able to translate our design and brand ethos into a physical space, and we immediately felt that Kinnersley Kent Design’s team understood what we were trying to achieve. We have been overwhelmed by the attention to detail they've given to every aspect of the design process. The team have gone above and beyond to create a very special experience for the brand and for our customers, and the results are truly spectacular.”

Customer feedback has been highly positive and the store has been trading really well since opening, exceeding expectations.

The Fold’s flagship has been featured in many leading publications including
FT’s How To Spend ItThe London Evening Standard and Drapers.